2016 Asia/Oceania Zone Group III Davis Cup Draws Complete

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Following the completion of the Captain’s Meeting yesterday, the draw was immediately decided. Pool A has 4 countries with Iran as the #1 seed. Pool B consists of 5 teams with second seeded Syria going directly into the second pool.

Cambodia fell into Pool B, alongside Syria, Lebanon, Qatar, and Singapore. Since there are 5 countries in Pool B, round robin play will take place everyday of the week, Monday through Friday.

The three teams joining Iran in Pool A are the following countries: Turkmenistan, Hong Kong, and Pacific Oceania. Round robin matches in Pool A will be played out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The 16th of July is reserved for the two Playoff Matches, and the two Relegation Matches as well. The winner of Pool A will face the Runner Up of Pool B, and the winner of Pool B will play against the Runner Up of Pool A. The winners of these two matches will be promoted to Group II for next year.

The two Relegation Matches, also taking place on Saturday, will be between the 3rd place finisher of Pool A and the country that finished 5th (last) in Pool B. The second Relegation Match will be between both countries that finished 4th in their pool. The two countries that lose will be relegated to Group IV in 2017. The country that finished 3rd in Pool B will remain in Group III for next year.

Today, July 11th, after the Opening Ceremony, Cambodia will play our first match against Lebanon beginning at 10am at the Esteghlal International Tennis Academy.

“All the teams are tough, but we already knew this coming in. The important thing is that we are going to give our best because our guys are ready to fight. Whether it’s Lebanon or another country the team is ready to go tomorrow,” adds Tep Rithivit about Cambodia’s first match in this year’s Davis Cup campaign.

Results will be posted on our website as well as our Tennis Cambodia Facebook page. As always, Live Scoring will be available at the Official Davis Cup website:


If you want to follow point by point, since the match starts at 10am here in Iran, it will be 12:30pm Cambodian time! Let’s go Team Cambodia!

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