Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We want to promote, organize and develop the growth of tennis in Cambodia.

Our Vision

We want to provide opportunities in giving a better life through tennis.

In order to achieve mission and vision, we need to ensure these 7 core objectives:

  1. Accessibility to tennis
  2. Sustainable “Grassroots” development
  3. Organize competition for all levels
  4. Focus on our junior development
  5. Develop our National Team to a competitive level throughout the region
  6. Strong partnership support with our sponsors
  7. Integrity in our actions and ethics
Our Values
  • Integrity is our ongoing commitment to the development of our programs for all.
  • Ethics because in all our actions and behaviors we aim to teach the values of commitment, responsibility and determination.
  • Professionalism because we give the chance to all our players to find happiness through tennis.
  • Transparency because all the members of our family (partners, players, coaches, staffs, etc) need to know what we are undertaking and how our resources are used.

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