At a Glance in La Plantation

May 17th, 2016: Written by Tennis Cambodia

Being creative in a way to grow tennis to the younger generation has been nothing but getting out there sweeping some of the school fields off with twigs and rocks, tying nets to trees and motorbikes and creating a court by drawing lines around the perimeter.

La Plantation schools over 100 children aged 6- 18 years old, with Coach Chomnith Long from Tennis Cambodia arriving every Wednesday to run a tennis session for all the students right before the children are off to go home from school. The program began in the fall of 2015 providing several tennis rackets with red and green dot balls for all variety of levels of players. Three courts are created with three different tennis sessions running for each age category. Numerous games, instruction and activities are held during this time.

La Plantation is one of the several programs in the region of Kampot and Kep Province in part of the growth in the pathway of our grassroots projects and campaign this year.  As we look to grow more players and opportunities with tennis in the country, we want to provide more possibilities for these students to develop further. Coach Long has been a pillar in the improvements of the children’s development in tennis and future establishments can benefit more sustainable programs with a little more support.

Over the year, Long has developed a realistic teaching method to each age group and skill level. With so many children to teach in such little time, very little attention is paid for developing players to the next level given the structure and man power. Tennis Cambodia and the school of La Plantation has worked together to introduce the sport and is now seeking more aid in the possibilities of growing the opportunities to children.

We would also like to thank everyone who has been a continual support in Tennis Cambodia. The support has been paramount in the progression of the programs and the difference over the years have been growing.






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