Bicycles in Kep Redistributed

Friday January 15th, 2016, there was no better way to start the year in Kep than to redistribute the bicycles which were given to the kids of Aspeca Orphanage and Kep Tennis Club back in February of 2014. The original idea sprung out of need, as costs for tuk tukm20160115_1741409 transportation for the junior players in our Kep programs were slowly adding up we thought why not just give them bicycles to get to the one court at Villa Romonea. On top of that Rithi thought it was a good idea to get the business community involved and offer them to sponsor one bicycle for 20 kids.


Since then, we have let the bicycles slip in condition and so repaired all the bicycles. Yesterday we mustered as many of the sponsors as we could to help us take part in redistributing the bicycles to the players of merit (practice consistently and participate in Nationals), which included some eager beginners as well.


“We had an obligation to the business community and from getting the bikes back out on the road we hope that they will see that we care and are trying to really help change the lives of these young individuals,” said Secretary General of Tennis Cambodia Tep Rithivit.

Special thanks to Boat House, Kep Butterfly Garden, Kepmandou, Maxx Discovery, and La Baraka for showing up to the event. Also a thanks to the remaining sponsors sponsors of the bicycles: Breezes, brise de kep, kep lodge, veranda, lida massage, Maelis, mr. mab, rega guesthouse, spring valley resort, the beach house, and villa romonea. Last but not least we want to give our thanks to our sponsors and friends far and wide!



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