Grassroots programs in Kep Province

May 17, 2016 Written by Tennis Cambodia

So much to do, so much to study, but then there is also play time. One of the best parts of any school day is the time you spend with friends playing outside. And we’ve been fortunate enough to spend that time with the children at Don Bosco Technical School in Kep Province. When you see a coach driving in on the motor bike with a loaded bag of rackets and balls with a portable net, we all know it’s that time to play.

Tennis Cambodia Don Bosco

With the students from Don Bosco and several children from Aspeca Orphanage the game is never limited to any of them. As the students spend much of their time studying specific disciplines in classes, many have taken tennis to another level in their participation on the court during their free time in between classes.

The program has just recently started 2 months ago, and is open to any and all the students of Don Bosco with players ranging 7 to 25 years old.


Tennis Cambodia Don Bosco

We encourage the younger players to come out and play more and look to seek out leaders in the older group. This is another program in our pathway to grow the grassroots of Tennis Cambodia giving more opportunities to children in the sport and change lives. The development of our grassroots projects has enables several of the students to travel to participate and compete as players in our junior national tournament held in Phnom Penh.

Over the past two years, we have seen the progression of our current number one junior player, Sophon Sen, rise from this program and becoming a natural leader to many of the upcoming players through Don Bosco.

The Kep program has grown in consistency having one coach exposing as many students as possible in the area with tennis sessions throughout the week along with hosting private lessons to those with a desire to keep playing. And the numbers are rising. We are excited to see the future grow and even more excited to see our players come and go knowing that tennis will always be there in one way or another.

Tennis Cambodia Don Bosco


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