Pictured from left to right is Long Samneag, Mam Phalkun, Bun Kenny, and Mam Phannhara

The Cambodian National Tennis Team has come a long way, beginning competition once more after the Khmer Rouge era at the South East Asian Games in 1997, where the players did not manage to muster even one game in Jakarta, Indonesia. The South East Asian Games (also referred to as SEA Games) takes place every 2 years. It would be 5 SEA Games later and 10 years since the National Team’s re-emergence into competition until Cambodia won its first Bronze Medal in 2007. Cambodia would repeat this feat in Laos (2009) and Indonesia (2011). Unfortunately the SEA Games were canceled in 2013, but the Cambodian National Team will have another chance to medal in the games in Singapore 2015.

The Asian Games, which plays host to all the countries in Asia Proper, includes 36 disciplines (sport events). The games are part of the Olympic Cycle and occur every 4 years, with Cambodia last competing in the games in 2010, Guangzhou, China. Cambodia will once again send a team to the games this year, where it will be held in Incheon, Korea. This year, for the first time in the history of Cambodian tennis, the Kingdom will be sending a female player, Andrea Ka. On the men’s side the Kingdom will be sending Kenny Bun and Samneang Long.


In their Davis Cup Debut in 2012, the Cambodian National Team went undefeated, earning a Group III Promotion in the Asia/Oceania Division.

The longest running annual pic-overview3international team event in the world is the prestigious Davis Cup. Cambodia first made its appearance in 2012, where they would defeat every country they played, earning them an instant Group III Promotion. In Dubai 2o13 the team tried for a repeat of their remarkable feat in Doha 2012, but found Group III competition much tougher. Despite the strength of Group III the team was able to finish a commendable 4th out of 8 teams, to hold their spot in Group III.

Davis Cup 2014 would prove to be the most difficult year yet, Iran playing host in the elevation of its capital Tehran, and on the clay courts of Enghelab Sports Complex. Literally a matchpoint away from finishing in the top 4 as they did in Dubai 2013, their opportunity came and went, losing a crucial but close fight to Malaysia. This resulted in Cambodia having to play against Singapore in a relegation match where the winner would stay in Group III, and the loser moving down into Group IV. The Kingdom’s team proved resilient through the end, defeating Singapore on the final day, and securing their spot in Group III in 2015.

The Davis Cup team’s biggest sponsor is NagaWorld. NagaWorld has been our main sponsor since our debut in 2012. A big thank you to NagaWorld for your continued partnership and support. One other important sponsor who has been consistent in their support is GL Finance. Thanks to all the other associate sponsors, see you in 2015. Our last thank you is for Celliers d’Asie, who sponsors our National Team Members in individual competitions (ITF Futures and Money Tournaments) when they travel outside the country to play.

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