Junior Program

Tennis Cambodia offers world-class tennis lesson every weekday at the National Training Center for kids ages 6-17. We also offer lesson at the Olympic Stadium courts (which is located besides the office of Tennis Cambodia) on select days.

For beginners we implement the use of Tennis 10s, which involves using bigger and slower balls, shorter rackets, and smaller courts to make tennis easier and more fun for children. Tennis at this level is more game-based, to make sure the kids have fun while working on the basic foundations of the game. At the intermediate level, there is more emphasis on technical work, and at the advanced stages we focus on competition and match-play.

The Junior Program is under the guidance of Head National Coach and Technical Director, Braen Aneiros, who is assisted by Head of Junior Development, Phalkun Mam. With qualified coaches conducting the training, your kids will both improve and have fun in the process. Please use the contact information below to register your child or inquire after further information.



For more information about our Junior Program, you may contact Phalkun Mam using the information below. We look forward to working with your kids!

  • Email: phalkunmam@gmail.com
  • Phone: +855 (0)89 566 809

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