Tennis for All

With accessibility to tennis being a major issue in the Kingdom, Tennis Cambodia came up with an idea to bring it to the people, and that is how Tennis for All first began.

Every Friday and Saturday from 5 – 6 PM, 2 Tennis Cambodia coaches set up mini-tennis courts on the riverside in front of Blue Pumpkin. At this time of the day the riverside is packed with people doing aerobics, playing badminton, and any other sport you can think of – so why not tennis?


In its first year the Tennis for All program has been a major success. It’s not uncommon that ladies waiting for their aerobics class will join in a rally or two with kids passing by, or tourists strolling along the riverside. It has been everything we could have hoped for and have no doubt that we will be there every Friday and Saturday thanks to sponsors, Blue Pumpkin, and Coca-Cola. See you on the riverside!

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