Wheelchair Tennis

Due to its history, Cambodia unfortunately counts a significant number of disabled people among its population. It is mainly the result of innocent victims of the landmines still remaining on its ground after the different conflicts that happened here. Another important cause of handicaps is the poliomyelitis among the young population.

Nowadays, tennis has developed programs to permit to handicapped people to play wheel chair tennis. These programs are supported by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) which encourages all the federations and their clubs to implement them. Also, at the top level, Grand Slam tournaments offer wheel chair tennis tournaments with Wheel Chair Tennis world ranking.

pic-wheel1Empowered by the mission to make tennis available to as many Cambodians as we can, it is natural that we also pay attention to this category of the population. At the end, the sport is the same, we play with the same rules but just allow two bounces.

We are currently running one program in Battambang at a center called la Paloma. Every Tuesday and Thursday, from 4.30 to 5.30 pm, eight students are hitting balls with their coach. We are planning to open new programs in the Kingdom with the support of the ITF which shall provide wheel chairs and training for our coaches.

pic-wheel2Due to the Foundation From Killing Fields to Tennis Courts, created by our Goodwill Ambassador, Leander Paes, Tennis Cambodia has also received in 2014 the ATP Aces for Charity Award. Here is the article on the ATP website



If you want to know about the last updates about our wheel chair programs, please contact Mr Phalkun Mam: phalkunmam@gmail.com




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