National Junior

Tennis Cambodia has a strong belief that competition is a key component in the progression and development of any tennis player. That is why we regularly hold the National Junior Tournaments for our juniors. Tennis Cambodia hosts pic-national-jr16 National Junior Tournaments every year, each tournament usually spaced about 2 months apart. Through these competitions we are able to create a National Ranking, which allows Tennis Cambodia to select the top players to represent the country in Regional Training Camps, Workshops, and local Regional Junior Tournaments.

The tournaments normally take place on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday schedule to not interfere with the schooling of our players. With each new tournament, the number of participants slowly increases, and we hope this trend continues. The National Training Center is the main site for our Jr. National Tournaments.

pic-national-jr2Players from all of our various programs in Phnom Penh and the outer provinces such as Battambang, Siem Reap, and Kep take part in the tournaments. Out of the overall number of participants, a large portion of players are those traveling into the city. Tennis Cambodia recently started an initiative, “Tennis Camps.” We bought 10 tents, blankets, flash lights, padding; the normal requirements for a weekend camping trip. Reserved for our players from the provinces, this is where they sleep, eat, and mingle with kids from other provinces, they share food, stories, and in the morning they wake up to what they came for – tennis courts.


To our sponsors for the National Junior Tournaments, Ezecom, Coca-Cola Cambodia, and Hagar Catering: Thank you for your kind support. Together we are creating moments that these kids look forward to absolutely every time.


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