Results from the third junior national tournament

May 31, 2016 Written by Tennis Cambodia 

Boys 12 & Under

Sen Saukeng defeated Ngong San 6-4 6-4. In a meeting of two orphans from the Aspeca Orphanage, the two battled the best way they knew, with Sen Saukeng rolling forehands and looking for chances to come into the net, while Ngong San hustled to every ball trying to put one more in play. Sen Saukeng was the better of the two 12 year olds, able to break San once each set to win 6-4 6-4.


Girls U12 and U14 from Happy Chandara


Pictured left to right: Phalkun Mam, Sarinreach Leng and Vannasith Chheang Boys U18 category


Pictured left to right: Sreynoch Ho, Chea Poev, and Sreypov Hour Girls U18 category


Boys 14 & Under

Leng Sarinreach defeated Sam David 6-1 6-2. Leng Sarinreach played in two divisions and found himself winning in both and had to play 4 matches in his final day, and all in good form to win. The 13 year old teenager played with confidence to guide his tired legs to victory in two easy sets.

Boys 18 & Under

Leng Sarinreach defeated Chheang Vannasith 6-4 6-2. Despite facing a former Junior Davis Cup player, Reach was not intimidated and played his game and was able to take the first set at 6-4 after playing high quality tennis and being a little more consistent than the attacking Chheang Vannasith. After losing the first set, Chheang did not seem to be able to regroup himself to turn the second set in his favor or even make it close, losing the set and match to Reach, 6-2.

Girls 12 & Under

Suong Phally defeated Chhorn Sreyvin in 3 sets, 5-7 6-2 6-2. In probably their first ever 3-set match, Suong Phally got the better of her classmate from Happy Chandara after a battle in the heat early Sunday afternoon. This was their 2nd meeting, after having played against each other in the last final two months ago, with Phally winning in the first meeting as well. Though Sreyvin was able to take the first by returning all of Phally’s attempts to attack, in the end Sreyvin just didn’t have the legs to keep it up in the last two sets, and Phally comfortably cruised to finish 6-2 6-2 in the final sets of the match.

Girls 14 & Under

Tippi Dalle-Grave defeated Chhieu Apsara 6-3 6-3. Though her serve caused her a bit of trouble throughout the match, Tippi’s aggressive baseline play was too much for Apsara, who normally would have played defensive anyways since that is her style. Tippi targeted the ball corner to corner and sometimes Apsara would arrive too late and replied with short balls for Tippi to continue to attack and control most of the points in the match.

Girls 18 & Under

Hour Sreypov defeated Ho Sreynoch 6-2 6-1. Ho Sreynoch, who was seemingly drawing nearer to possibly upsetting the long time champion. Hour Sreypov didn’t have to play her best tennis as Sreynoch seemed drained of energy and her legs were immobile. For Sreypov, putting in the ball in the court in the final was enough to win her yet another repeat at the title.

Please mention Hagar Restaurant and Catering for providing all the meals for the children for the weekend. The kids were very happy with the meals and it seemed to give them the energy needed to play their best tennis this weekend!


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