Siem Reap’s up and coming tennis players

May 21, 2016 Written by Tennis Cambodia 

Moving to the northwest of Cambodia to Siem Reap, not will will you find temples after temple, but you will also find that many of our national junior tennis players train together at the Angkor Palace Resort and Spa where we have two playable tennis courts.

DSC_0637  The program began in the fall of 2013 and to this day we have now roughly 10 committed players competing in tournaments and fighting for the national titles.

What makes this program special is that not only are the players developing with grace and a good attitude towards the game, they are opening up opportunities and  motivating younger players at their school to join the game. Svaydongkum primary school serves as a venue for children in underprivileged communities which hosts three tennis sessions a week.Children of all ages are coming out during their sport hour and learning techniques of the strokes and playing lots of points.

Formerly from Tennis Australia, Scott Windus, runs practices with his assistant coach, Soun Samdoun who was introduced to the sport only two years ago. The amazing feats that we have seen are not only in the development of the programs, but since introducing the game to Samdoun, seeing his commitment and growth in motivating and coaching players.


He [Samdoun] has always been enthusiastic about teaching. I would never thought he would have improved as fast as he has. He’s become a better coach by becoming a better student of the game himself. It’s great to see his continued enthusiasm towards teaching and transmitting his knowledge,” said Phalkun Mam, the head of junior development, after revisiting programs along with Laura Pola, program coordinator intern, in Siem Ream this week.   .

Meanwhile off court and in the offices of Tennis Cambodia, Catherine Rogers plays an integral part in the running and organization of all the programs. Living in Cambodia for nearly seven years, Rogers has helped the program in coordinating practices and creating a smooth transition of operations from one program to the other.

From Battambang to Siem Reap, reaching down all the way to Kep Province then hitting the center of Tennis Cambodia in Phnom Penh, we want to thank all our coaches, volunteers, supporters, and families for being part of our mission to shape the lives and give opportunities to all we can reach through the sport. We are always looking for new opportunities to grow the game to children and in the communities country wide. Join our Tennis Cambodian tribe.

Tennis Cambodia in Siem Reap

All our players from the week at tennis practice with coaches from Phnom Penh and Siem Reap






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