Start of the ITF/ATF 16 Under Training Camp in Bangkok

Players, Sen Sophon, Khleang Ponlok, Leng Sarinreach, Ho Sreynoch and coach, Laura Pola, all arrived at the LTAT, Asian Tennis Center in Bangkok, Thailand on Sunday afternoon. Arriving a day before the start of the camp, almost all the dorms were vacant and many of the tennis courts available. Players took the afternoon to settle into their dorms and used the time to prepare for the following day.


A two-week training camp organized by Asian Tennis Federation (ATF) and International Tennis Federation (ITF) is hosting 20 players from other tennis developing nations such as Nepal, Pakistan, Lebanon, Cambodia and Malaysia in an intensive under 16 developmental camp.

As training began Monday morning at 8am, players were introduced to the coaching staff and started off on the courts running. Practice consisted of looking at players levels and grouping them together where they will have the most potential to improve. The morning practice was intended to get all the players readjusted from their travels and into the training mode.

As one practice ended, another began. Afternoon practice was just around the corner and the players all faced match play round robins for two hours under the sun. And as we started the day with running, the players ended the day with conditioning — long distance running.

After the first day of training, the players were happy to be able to go rest only to start all over again the next morning.

During this week, players are pre-tested in their physique, flexibility, power and speed and will be training all aspects of their game throughout the next two weeks. Post-testing will be conducted next week to see the improvements.

As it is only three days into the camp, the players have been exposed to all aspects of a professional training regime. With a 6am run this morning, following a practice and fitness training, the players will rest for the afternoon to plow through the next three full days of morning and afternoon practice and fitness.

Throughout the week, the training camp with cover areas in mediation sessions, video review, match analysis and scouting, mental training, and several meetings to cover more feedback in a one on one setting with the player. And mid-week, players will have a one day excursion organized by the camp trainers.

Players will look to head back to their homelands on June 18th and bring back a few new things they learned from the camp.


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