Tennis Cambodia nets qualified female coach

Tue, 10 February 2015


For the first time in its nearly two decades of existence, Tennis Cambodia will have the services of a qualified female coach to guide the girls program and other events, though Brazilian Beatriz Signori will only be in the Kingdom on a short teaching stint that will also double up as her own three-month internship.

It has been a week since she joined Tennis Cambodia after an online search of its activities persuaded her to move away from a coaching position she had taken up at the San Francisco University High School.

It was the head coach she was working with at that school who got her interested in Cambodian tennis after his own enjoyable visit to the Kingdom some years earlier.

“While I was in San Francisco I was not happy with what I was doing and the place I was living. I felt like I had to leave US and travel to another country to meet people and understand a different culture,” Beatriz Signori said yesterday.

Initial contacts with Tennis Cambodia secretary-general Tep Rithivit and technical director and national head coach Braen Aneiros eventually led Beatriz Signori straight down to Phnom Penh and she has lost no time in getting down to the nitty gritty of the job.

She got a sports scholarship in the US where she played tennis for four years. After graduating in international business, she has been working for the past three years in tennis camps in various American cities during the summer.

“It was time we made that connection between the girls, who are outnumbered by boys, and a female coach,” noted national coach Braen Aneiros, a former Panamanian Davis Cup player.

“Our motto in Tennis Cambodia is to promote the game on all fronts and create equal opportunities for girls and Beatriz Signori coming down will have a marked effect,” observed Tep Rithivit.


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