ITF Futures

International Tennis Federation Futures Events

…or ITF Futures for short, is the starting point and base for all tour level players. A win in the main draw of an ITF Future will earn a player 1 ATP point, which will result in ranking as well. Tennis Cambodia sends out #1 player, Bun Kenny to play in regional ITF Futures events with hopes to climb the rankings.


Starting in 2011, Tennis Cambodia has played host to ITF Futures Events. In the beginning of 2011, TC held two ITF $15,000. In 2012 and 2013, towards the end of the year TC hosted three straight weeks of ITF $10,000. Three more weeks are planned for the end of this year as well. Every year, players from more than 20 different countries travel to Cambodia to compete. Each year has seen the pool of players grow stronger and stronger, and each year TC has been more organized and efficient with the operations of hosting these competitive events.pic-ITF2

A big thank you to our most staunch supporter in the futures events, GL Finance. GL Finance has played a big role, and will continue to do so in this year’s futures events. Another big thank you to RMA for hosting the first week in last year’s futures, and a big thank you to all associate sponsors for allowing us to host this high level of tennis in the Kingdom.

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